Keynote Speaker

Dr. Jansari has given a number of keynote addresses around the world ranging from specific issues such as how the front of the brain organises behaviour to more general lectures about the history of brain research.

  • The Evolving Brain: Implications for Memory & Learning Schools. Student & Staff Network annual conference, Liverpool, UK (2017) 

  • My Brain Made Me Do It! Investigating The Potential Involvement Of Head Injuries In Subsequent Criminal Behaviour. Society for Brazilian Neuropsychology annual conference, Brasilia, Brazil (2016) 

  • The Life of Brian (The Brain!). Head First National Conference, London, UK (2016) 

  • What happened to the boss? Or.....It’s my party. Behavioural Sciences and Investor Education Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2014) 

  • JEF©: A New Ecologically-Valid Assessment of Executive Functions. Society for Brazilian Neuropsychology. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2014) 

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